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CDA asked to expedite work on ICT development projects - Salman - 09-02-2013 12:43 PM

CDA asked to expedite work on ICT development projects

ISLAMABAD: Chief Commissioner Jawad Paul has directed the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to further expedite work on development projects of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration to ensure their timely completion.

He was chairing a meeting to review the progress of development projects of the ICT administration being executed by the CDA.

The Islamabad chief commissioner said that the purpose of the meeting was to address the issues and bottlenecks being faced during the implementation of these projects.

While briefing the participants about the progress of the ongoing projects CDA Project Director Ayaz Khan said that the construction of the IG Block within the premises of the ICT Administration Block in Sector G11/4 was under progress and its structure had been completed with 50 percent civil work done.

He said that Rs 30 million had been spent on the project so far and revised PC-1 was under process.

It would be completed in February 2014 and office of the Islamabad inspector general of police would be shifted to its own block and Rs 10 million would be available during the year.

The meeting was attended by senior police officials, including ICT Director Development/Finance Rana Akbar Hayat.

The participants were informed that 72 percent construction work on 15 houses for SPs in Sector H11 had been completed. Six houses were completed while three were 95 percent complete and six houses were 40 percent complete.

The participants were informed that the construction work of the Tarnol Police Station had been completed on which Rs 778,210 had been spent. Construction of four police barracks in sectors G9 and G10 was also being considered.

It was informed that 90 percent work of barracks had been completed in Sector G9 and police barracks in Sector G10 were completed and handed over to the police.

An amount of Rs 80.871 million had been spent on the project. Remaining work would be completed in September. The project was approved at a cost of Rs 90.59 million and revised PC-1 of the project was under process to complete the remaining work.

The meeting was informed that work on the construction of two police barracks in Sector H11 and MT Shed had been completed; PC-1 of the project was approved at Rs 62.152 million. Construction work on the boundary wall of the police lines H11 had been completed.

Construction of watchtower was 85 percent complete, while construction of eight gates of the boundary wall was complete and remaining civil work would be completed by September. PC-1 of the project was approved at Rs 117.50 million.

The Islamabad chief commissioner directed the officials to further expedite work on these important projects for their completion on time.

Illegal extensions in government quarters: Illegal extensions in government quarters by the allottees are on the rise in various sectors of the capital.

According to the allotment rules of the government quarters, an allottee cannot make modifications in the building.

The illegal extensions in the houses continue in various sectors, including G6, G7 and G9, with construction on of rooms on the quarters’ roofs, extension of courtyards and making of stores outside the quarters.

Some of the allottees have even rented out rooms, but the authorities concerned are not taking action against them, said a resident of Sector G7.

The residents of surrounding areas have expressed concern, saying that government quarters’ allottees have made their lives miserable and it seems that no rules and regulations are applicable to them.

The citizens have urged the authorities to take notice of the violation of rules and regulations and demolish all the illegal extensions at these quarters.

When contacted, a Capital Development Authority (CDA) senior official said that the civic body could take action only on the request from the State Office, adding that these houses were not allotted by the CDA but by the State Office.

An official of the Islamabad State Office, when contacted, said that this practice was prevalent but proper mechanisms and force was needed to stop it.

He admitted that due to the lukewarm attitude of the authorities, the illegal construction activity by the allottees was on the rise in various sectors.