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Katchi Abadis to be given property rights: Aleem - LRE-Azan - 10-15-2018 01:45 PM

Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has established Public Secretariat in Lahore which has started its working as well and where any citizen can visit from 10.00 am to 04.00 pm to file written problem on which concerned department will have to respond immediately.
Abdul Aleem Khan while addressing to the local leaders and party workers of PP-158 here said that each and every problem of any citizen will have to be solved which would be as per rules and regulations. He appealed the masses to refrain from any illegal demand which not permissible under the rules.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that he himself will be looking after each application and if proper action is not taken within one week that concerned officer will be answerable. Senior Minister announced that not a single house of any katchi abadi will be disturbed and news in this regard is not correct rather all the katchi abadis will be given property rights and work has already been started in this regard.
Abdul Aleem Khan told that during his Ministry from 2003 to 2007 he even approached the High Court in the matter of katchi abadis and all the affectees were not only given free of cost rights but the payment was also made to them for their wreckage.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that present Government has started strict drive against the land grabbers and not single inch will be spared to those who constructed illegal plazas and using the public land for commercial purpose.
In his address, Abdul Aleem Khan asked the government officers to behave with the common man gently and solve their problems as early as possible. He said that he has not a single penny’s allegation from public exchequer and will go forward with the same clean record. He also warned the government officials not to charge anything against official work and perform their duties honestly. Senior Minister also appealed the general public to abide by all the rules and avoid any illegal step for their personal motives. Abdul Aleem Khan said that the past rulers have looted the public funds and finance is totally empty so the Punjab Government has bent upon reducing the annual development plan also.
He said that people have great hopes from Imran Khan and in the coming days all these aspirations will become reality. Abdul Aleem Khan also listened a number of complaints from different union councils and assured their early solution. He announced to appoint Shoaib Siddiquee as In charge of this Public Secretariat and said that everyone without any affiliation can come here and immediate relief will be provided.
People from Dharampura, Railway Colony, Tajpura, Phatak Area and other vaccinities also met Abdul Aleem Khan and informed him about their main problems.
Abdul Aleem Khan said that due to hectic engagements in Lahore and Islamabad he could not remain so in touch but this area of PP 158 is like his family and he will never ignore any body. Haji Tasneem Shafie, Malik Javed Yousaf, Lala Rafique, Rashid Sadique Khokhar, Salim Shabrati, Akbar Bhola, Ameer Awan and Mobeen Kamboh were also present while ex-candidates of Punjab Assembly Mian Mohammad Iftikhar and Shoaib Siddiquee specially participated there.


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