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Lahore: Parking plazas to be constructed in Liberty Market: CM - Naveed Yaseen - 07-28-2009 05:29 AM

* Shahbaz says special attention being paid to parks, playgrounds
* Says billboards to be removed within ten days

Staff Report

LAHORE: Parking plazas will be constructed in Liberty Market for the benefit of the citizens as well as for improving the traffic system, Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif said on Monday.

He said all possible facilities would be provided on MM Alam Road for accelerating business activities. The CM said this while addressing a meeting on various projects of the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA), construction of parking plazas in the Liberty Market and the project of Park and Ride on MM Alam Road.

He also ordered an inquiry into why no work had been initiated for the improvement of the MM Alam Road even after more than one year of laying of sewerage lines and warned that the officials responsible for this would be questioned.

He said maximum number of trees should be planted besides construction of monuments and landscapes at the Airport Road and this process should be completed by September 30.

Parks: The CM said the government was paying special attention to the provision of a healthy atmosphere and recreational facilities to the public and a number of projects were being started in the province for that. He said due attention was also being paid to the development of parks, playgrounds and provision of other facilities in backward areas. He said solid measures were being taken for transforming Lahore into the ‘City of Gardens’ and also for the revival of its historic beauty.

He said development work on picnic spots, jogging tracks and other recreational facilities at the Canal from Jallo to Thokar Niaz Beg should be completed by October 1, while two cultural villages should be set up by November 1. He said Lower Mall would be repaired from Anarkali Chowk to Post Master General Office and the project of developing a book street and tea-house would be completed by September 15.

Shahbaz directed that services of foreign experts should be acquired for the beautification of Kamran’s Barah Dari and Ravi Lake Project. He said the area from Lohari Gate to Dehli Gate had been selected for the Circular Garden and in addition to its beautification, four traditional craft bazaars would also be set up. He directed that provision of necessary services should be ensured before construction of all roads in the province and permission for road cuts should not be given after the completion of roads.

Billboards: He said billboards should also be removed from the city within 10 days. He said after removal of billboards from the city, some suitable spots would be selected where permission would be granted for the displaying of billboards under a comprehensive policy.

The CM also ordered selection of a suitable site for the shifting of the Lorry Adda and directed that all possible facilities should be made available at the new site for the passengers. He said this project should be outsourced for this purpose and directed that a detailed briefing should be given to him in three days regarding the beautification of 32 arteries of the provincial metropolis and the setting up of playgrounds and parks in different areas of city for providing recreational facilities to the citizens. He also directed the Lahore commissioner to solve the issue of the Ravi Toll Plaza.\07\28\story_28-7-2009_pg7_26