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DHA Lahore Market Direction
12-02-2014, 04:39 PM
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DHA Lahore Market Direction
Dear friends if you invested in DHA Lahore phase 9 or any where else thinking prices will only go up your start was not good. There always ups and downs in one phase or project. This is the reason I always requested to have some diversification.

There are several factor keeping DHA Lahore phase 9 prices lower. In will add just a few in here.

Currently every property dealer in Lahore Islamabad Rawalpindi and Karachi is "MOSTLY" dealing in Bahria Town Karachi files. Since every one is "MORE" involved in BT Karachi gold rush Lahore is ignored badly by dealers. Since dealers not focusing Lahore investors are not focusing it either.

DHA Lahore phase 9 is facing additional competition from DHA Gujranwala Fazaia Gujranwala and DHA Multan with 1000s of NEW files flooding in market.

DHA Lahore management failure to hold ballot even after a decade wait for file holders is also not helping. For DHA staff taking over more land is more "FUN" than having a ballot for us. when I say "FUN" you should be smart enough to UNDERSTAND what I mean. They should protect their trust and respect and do a ballot in DHA Lahore phase 9 asap instead of keep adding more land in DHA 9 and DHA 9 ext master plan. Perhaps they dont want to do ballot to keep price of agri land POCKETS of land in DHA 9 master that is not yet in DHA hands. May be DHA admin dont want to face trouble what they are facing in DHA 7 village clearance etc.

Other most important thing keeping real estate prices is political situation in Pakistan between PMLN and PTI. Who would buy a property when he dont know who will be PM or in Govt in next month. This kind of uncertainty is keeping new buyers away for time being. I think current bad political situation is also keeping DHA from doing a ballot and also sell Billions $ worth new plots in DHA 9 on installment at same time of this ballot.

My own reliable sources have told me a deal between PMLN and PTI is agreed upon already and foreign missions have given guarantees to Imran Khan for fair investigation of poll fraud of 2013 instead of ARMY or judiciary. I expect the political situation to get lot better in few more days time at max.

After that I expect prices in all properties in Lahore especially DHA Lahore phase 9 to get better. DHA is likely and must do a ballot of DHA Lahore phase 9 asap as more than 10 years wait is enough punishment for people who trusted DHA Lahore.

Do keep in mind DHA Gujranwala and DHA Multan rise and gains are a lot dependent of DHA Lahore gains as they are chapters of Lahore DHA and run under a close watch of DHA Lahore. DHA Lahore trust safety security will make those project more profitable too only IF DHA Lahore gains.

So be patient for just a few weeks time now with your old investments and can also safely make a new investment NOW at lower prices in DHA 9 or DHA Gujranawala or DHA Multan . what are prices of developed plots in DHA Lahore and Bahria Town Lahore or even files in Karachi.

One more request to all my friends If you dont have to make a new house now please sell your plots in DHA 5 6 8 "DURING SOME EXPECTED GAINS PERIOD IN THESE PHASES WITH DHA LAHORE OFFICE SHIFTING ON DHA 6 MB and go for smaller size plots in DHA Lahore phase 9 DHA Multan and DHA Gujranwala. Saying this because your most gain in DHA 6 7 8 is already there. DHA 9 and DHA Gujranwala DHA Multan have a lot of room to gain from current price percentage wise. You still have your investment in safe secure fraud free Qabza free no one man show projects DHA but your NET RETURN for future gain will be LARGER in new phases than currently developed or hi priced DHA 5 6 8. IF YOU MISS CHANCE TO SELL DURING GOOD FEELING TIME OF DHA OFFICE SHIFTING ON MB in DHA 6 more gains after that time will be lot less than lower priced new projects or phases of DHA. A good calm intelligent investor sell plot and file at right time not when he is forced to sell in dead market. If you plan to make a house in DHA 5 6 8 please hold to your plots as this is best place to make a new house for period between now and next 5 to 7 years time. If you plan to make your house after 5 years why park huge amount in a slow gaining place any more. Hard to find people that can make or save 2 crore and convince them to buy in already developed but currently very high priced phases. Their high price is justified due to their superb location and quality of development work with safety and best schools in Lahore etc but its too big amount for any new people to invest here in DHA 5 6 8 for future more gains from new investment in here.

Ch Mujahid Yasin ( CMY )
Lahore Real Estate
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