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DHA City Lahore Most Latest Infomation
05-07-2015, 06:11 PM
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DHA City Lahore Most Latest Infomation
his is un official location map of DHA City that I posted on launch. Please disregard this location map any where when you see it on web as from today we will only post price updates or post news items that were only officially released. 


DHA City Lahore Most Latest Most Accurate Information You Will Find One Web. Disregard All Old Out Dated Posts Form Me Or any One Else.


DHA City Location Map

Lahore Real Estate team member Mian Fawad have been informed by DHA City legal officer Mr Irfan from DHA phase 6 head office DHA Lahore proper administrator is now in full and complete control of DHA City Lahore for its all future affairs.

He said 
Col Akhtar is appointed as director of DHA City
Col Faqir is appointed as Land director
Major Irfan is appointed as transfer office.
Mr Ahsaan is appointed as counts Officer
All clerical staff

All above are employees on payroll of DHA Lahore administration at DHA Lahore phase 6 head office. 

My Lahore Real Estate staff including Mian Fawad was also personally there and eye Witness to visit of Corp commander Lahore DHA administrator and Sec DHA visit to newly shifted DHA City office opening day in DHA Lahore phase 6.

Lahore Real Estate office staff was also informed some other property dealers are spreading miss information rumors and lies about this project and any such misinformation from any dealer or websites wont be tolerated any more as it hurts badly to current owners of DHA City Lahore. He said a true current owner could never ever think of hurting his own investments by spreading misinformation. Its few dishonest dealers majority of them non DHA dealers that are scaring their clients into selling files at low prices by spreading all kind of lies and untrue information about DHA City. He said a very strict action will be taken by any registered dealer or website owners that will help assist in spreading any wrong information on web or phone. 

Our staff was also informed very soon on behalf transfers will be allowed also in DHA City file owners just like any other DHA Lahore transfer of property. 

If you are a current owner need to verify authenticity of above information by me or have any issues or complaints against DHA City please visit DHA staff personally in DHA Lahore head office 

Or call them directly at UAN: 111-342-547 
A. Director - 2020
b. Additional Director - 2022
c. Transfer Officer - 2023
d. Law Officer - 2024
e. Superintendent - 2025

Or email DHA city staff directly at:

Source :

You can also see DHA City info of DHALahore.Org The official website of DHA Lahore admin.

Official location of DHA Lahore is not disclosed yet. No ballot date is available as of today. When this info is officially available we will update you about it. 

After looking at such very important above changes in DHA City We at Lahore Real Estate were only and very first website and estate office that have vigorously started to campaign for and recommend DHA City Lahore as a strong buy in mid March 2015 for long term holding at price of just 9.75 lacs for 5 Marla at that time. Since we have spread the word about these recent important management changes reputation and confidence have increased many folds for 1000s of DHA City current plot holders and possible future buyers that are looking for a safe high return long term hold investment. Prices have increased more than 2 lacs for 5 Marla plots in just few weeks time. More gains are highly likely after DHA 9 ballot on May 2015 as this is lowest prices investment in DHA Lahore managed project for all low budget people in and outside Pakistan. We also have been updating prices of DHA City Lahore daily since first day of launch.

These are current prices today on May 06,2015

DHA City Lahore File 5 Marla For 11.80 Lacs Call +923024489001 Or +923004009766 06/05/2015
DHA City Lahore File 10 Marla For 18.75 Lacs Call +923024489001 Or +923004009766 06/05/2015
DHA City Lahore File 1 Kanal For 31.50 Lacs Call +923024489001 Or +923004009766 06/05/2015

We have known these above excellent new changes in DHA City Lahore project because we are also very proud registered and authorized dealers of DHA City Lahore from its launch day. They selected us after most strict back ground office reputation and financial strength checks. We have good respect within DHA City staff only due to our clean clear deals well managed paperwork during transfers and well trained informed LRE staff to help assist DHA City plot holders.

We still strongly recommend it for all budgets and for long term holding for minimum 2 to 5 years time. Insha Allah it will rewards you big in future. Since we trust DHA Lahore 100% we are dealing in it and DHA City we feel no shame in openly recommending DHA City to buy and hold. This is our job to tell you where you can gain most value of you investment. That is what we are suppose to do for long term business relationship out trusting clients. 

To follow DHA City "ZERO" tolerance policy against spread of wrong information and outdated news items we have decided to not allow any negative posts/comments here from today. All such negative wrong info posts comments from mostly unknown unconfirmed sources will be deleted without any further notice.
All LRE staff and site admin are request to delete all negative remarks by any one. 

If you trust Lahore Real Estate or DHA Lahore admin you could buy or hold it for long term. If still not comfortable we have other options in this budget for you.

We have our limitations what can be displayed on website. I hope you understand and take these limitations positively. 

If have need any more questions about DHA City Lahore please ask them via email at Info@LREPK.Com 

Allah Hafiz

Choudry Mujahdi Yasin ( CMY )
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