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Full Version: PC-1 of Metro Bus Service project approved
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Rawalpindi Development Authority has completed PC-1 of the Metro Bus Project, which has also been approved by the Punjab government while separate PC-1 for Islamabad section of the project is under preparation.

According to sources, the process of pre-qualification of contractors for the Metro Bus Project is underway and the work would be awarded to the technically qualified & lowest bidder after competitive bidding, fulfilment of all the required code formalities and according to the timelines given in the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules. The qualified contractor would then mobilise at sites to start the execution of the project. The entire process would be absolutely transparent.

According to the sources, since the Metro Bus Project is to be completed on fast track, the work on the test piles has been undertaken separately, which in all bridge projects is executed well before the start of the project to confirm the design criteria, specifications and soil conditions and to save the time lag in the execution of the project.

Similarly on completion of separate PC-1 for Islamabad part of the project same will be submitted for their approval from the competent forum and subsequent allocation of funds from PSDP.

The spokesman for RDA while confirming the report clarified that the Punjab Chief Minster Mian Shahbaz Sharif has not relaxed any rules for the project and all provision of PPRA are being complied in letter & spirit. Since the project is highly technical in nature and specifications of Rawalpindi and Islamabad part have to be similar, therefore CDA has authorised RDA to execute the work in Islamabad as well.

Work on the project would be commenced on the project would commence on 28th of the current month, which would be completed in 11 months after which service of Metro Buses would be launched in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
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