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Full Version: Collaborative Crackdown Launched Against Criminal Activities in Unlawful Residential
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Collaborative Crackdown Launched Against Criminal Activities in Unlawful Residential Communities in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi: In a unified effort, the District administration, local police, and the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) initiated a joint operation on Saturday, September 16th, to combat criminal activities occurring in illicit residential communities, as reported by credible sources.

As per Saif Anwar Jappa, the Director General of RDA, Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chattha has formed a specialized task force with the objective of executing a comprehensive operation against unauthorized housing societies. The operation's focus extends to apprehending criminals concealed within these communities, identifying the presence of firearms, and addressing allegations of private security personnel participating in illegal pursuits.

Director General Jappa divulged that the task force, comprising four key members, is responsible for taking action against illicit housing projects that harbor illegal weaponry and employ security personnel lacking proper permits from local law enforcement agencies. The task force comprises the RDA Director General (serving as Chairman), the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, the Superintendent of Police Saddar, and the Chief Officer of the District Council. This task force was convened just last week.

Additionally, the task force will tackle unregistered security agencies providing armed personnel to housing projects. It will conduct operations to confiscate and deter the use of illegal firearms within these residential developments, regularly providing updates to the commissioner.

Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha stressed that the task force has initiated the operation targeting unauthorized residential societies falling under the jurisdiction of the Chauntra and Saddar Bairooni police stations. The proprietors of these communities have been implicated in various criminal activities.
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