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Full Version: CDA Launches Overseas Pakistanis Support Desks for Enhanced Assistance
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CDA Launches Overseas Pakistanis Support Desks for Enhanced Assistance

Islamabad: In a significant development, Jawad Sohrab Malik, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Overseas Pakistanis, has inaugurated "Support Desks for Overseas Pakistanis" within the premises of the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICT) offices and at the Capital Development Authority's (CDA) One Window facility in Islamabad, as reported by a credible news source.

This initiative is designed to bolster support for overseas Pakistanis and address their concerns effectively. The collaboration between CDA Chairman and SAPM Malik has led to the official launch of these support desks, which will commence their operations starting from the upcoming Monday.

The Support Desk at CDA will provide specialized services, encompassing issues related to revenue, land and property affairs, estate management, and building control. An assigned information official will be available to offer guidance on procedural matters.

Furthermore, the ICT Administration Support Desk will ensure a seamless provision of services such as the issuance of international driving permits, arms licenses, and domiciles. These desks will operate during regular business hours and maintain round-the-clock accessibility through various communication channels, including WhatsApp, dedicated landlines, and hotlines, ensuring easy access for overseas Pakistanis.

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