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Full Version: LCCI President Emphasizes Construction Sector Development During DHA Bahawalpur Admin
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LCCI President Emphasizes Construction Sector Development During DHA Bahawalpur Admin Visit

In a recent visit to the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), the Administrator of DHA Bahawalpur, Brigadier Naveed Iqbal, and Director Marketing, Brigadier Muhammad Usman, discussed the crucial role of the construction sector in Pakistan's economic development. LCCI President Kashif Anwar highlighted the significance of initiating substantial projects during economic slowdowns to stimulate economic activities.

The Vital Role of Construction:
President Anwar emphasized that the construction sector holds paramount importance in Pakistan, directly and indirectly impacting over 75 associated industries. He stressed the need for special attention to be given to the development of this sector, asserting that it has the potential to not only enhance economic activities but also bolster government revenue and create job opportunities.

Economic Impact:
The LCCI President pointed out that the growth of the construction sector can lead to an overall improvement in the standard of living by providing employment opportunities. Recognizing the interconnectedness of economic well-being and social stability, he underscored the importance of addressing labor-related issues through sustained employment.

Unrealized Objectives:
President Anwar expressed disappointment over the unfulfilled objectives related to the establishment of new cities and markets, as well as the underachievement of goals set for the construction of motorways. He noted that these shortcomings have hindered the nation's progress and development.

Appreciation for DHA Bahawalpur Project:
Commending the DHA Bahawalpur project, President Anwar urged the delegation to share comprehensive details with the LCCI. He highlighted the importance of disseminating information to LCCI members, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the business community.

Capitalizing on Business Community's Expertise:
Administrator DHA Bahawalpur, Brigadier Naveed Iqbal, acknowledged the significance of the business community as the capital of the country. He expressed the purpose of the visit to LCCI as an opportunity to benefit from the experiences of the seasoned professionals within the chamber.

As discussions between LCCI and DHA Bahawalpur unfold, the focus remains on leveraging the construction sector's potential to drive economic growth, create employment, and address social issues. The collaboration between these entities signifies a shared commitment to realizing sustainable development goals and fostering a robust economic environment for Pakistan.

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