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Full Version: Deadline Set for the Opening of Shahdara Chowk and Ravi Bridge
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Deadline Set for the Opening of Shahdara Chowk and Ravi Bridge

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Syed Mohsin Naqvi conducted a site visit to Shahdara Chowk and Ravi Bridge to inspect the ongoing construction and established a deadline for the completion of these projects, as reported in national dailies on January 2.

During his visit, CM Naqvi closely monitored the night shift workers and assessed the progress of drilling activities at the site. Stressing the crucial importance of timely completion, Naqvi directed the team to expedite the work and make optimal use of all available resources to ensure the completion of Shahdara Chowk and Ravi Bridge by January 31.

In another development, CM Naqvi formally inaugurated the Islamia Ground Sports Complex in Lahore. He conducted a thorough tour of the facility, engaging in a game of chess and exploring various areas, including the gym, badminton hall, snooker room, table tennis hall, swimming pool, squash court, and a dedicated gym for women.

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