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Full Version: Rawalpindi Ring Road Set for Grand Inauguration on August 14, 2024
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Rawalpindi Ring Road Set for Grand Inauguration on August 14, 2024

Rawalpindi Ring Road, one of the most eagerly awaited projects in the region, is slated for a grand inauguration on August 14, 2024, as confirmed by Commissioner Rawalpindi, Liaquat Ali Chatta. This development has garnered immense anticipation from investors, real estate consultants, and housing societies, positioning it as a transformative infrastructure initiative for the city.

Commissioner Chatta shared insightful details during a recent announcement. The project, spearheaded by Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and National Logistics Cell (NLC), has completed 18% of the development work. In addition, the Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) will be entrusted with the plantation on both sides of Rawalpindi Ring Road.

According to Commissioner Chatta, the ambitious Rawalpindi Ring Road is on track for completion by July 31, 2024. This extensive project encompasses 5 interchanges, 2 bridges, 6 canals, a Railway Bridge, 15 subways, and 11 overpasses, highlighting its scale and significance.

As a 6-lane highway stretching from Baanth to Chakri Interchange on the M-2 Motorway, Rawalpindi Ring Road aims to enhance connectivity and accessibility to distant areas of the city. The project officially commenced development in the last quarter of 2023, overcoming previous delays.

With a total length of 64 kilometers, the current developing patch spans 38 kilometers, with further extensions planned in Phase 2. The government, Commissioner Rawalpindi, Chief Minister Punjab, and development firms are unwaveringly committed to the timely completion of this transformative project.

As the proposed completion date of July 31 approaches, the anticipation grows for the grand inauguration on August 14, marking a potential milestone as one of the fastest-developed projects in Pakistan. The success of Rawalpindi Ring Road signifies a significant leap forward in the region's infrastructure development.

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