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CDA demolishes number of kiosks in grand operation - Salman - 09-16-2013 04:41 PM

CDA demolishes number of kiosks in grand operation

* Encroachments at Khanna Pul irk motorists

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has demolished a number of kiosks in a grand operation against encroachments and confiscated goods from the encroachers.

The operation was conducted in the G9 Markaz Karachi Company, where large boards installed alongside the main avenue have been confiscated, while two sheds have been demolished. Angry stallholders and traders said that their kiosks and stalls were demolished at the behest of the rival trade union.

Meanwhile, encroachments at Khanna Pul have become a permanent source of irritation for commuters and motorists who take Lehtrar Road while driving between Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The service road linking Islamabad Expressway with Lehtrar Road is choked by makeshift shops and handcart pushers, creating hurdles for smooth flow of traffic besides spreading filth on the road.

The administration has, a number of times, removed these encroachments but the tent shop owners and handcart pushers reoccupy the road, raising concerns about the efficiency of police and the CDA. “It is really frustrating when you have to travel at a snail’s pace and some times even got stuck in traffic jams due to these encroachments as they have occupied almost of the road,” said a motorist Danish Ali. He said these encroachments when removed by the authorities return the very next day. It is also feared that there could be a presence of anti-state elements in the area, which could find safe hideouts here.

During a visit to the area, some people also expressed suspicion of complicity of concern police and the CDA officials with these encroachers. “I think some government officials are backing these encroachers, otherwise how is it possible that they come on the road again and again without a problem,” said Bashir Ahmad, a local living at Khanna Pul.

He said a proper monitoring mechanism and will was required to permanently remove these encroachments.

When contacted, a CDA official said these encroachments were being removed and confiscated regularly but the vendors re-establish their shops soon after paying fines and getting their items cleared. He, however, said the authority was fully aware of the problem and would take steps for permanent solution of the problem